AF TBO STC 201 OM processing and modeling


タイトル (Dublin Core)

AF TBO STC 201 OM processing and modeling

内容記述/Description (Dublin Core)

Characterization of pottery shard based on stereomicroscopy. The observations takes in consideration the outer part (front), inner part (back) and the cross section of the shard, characterizing the clay matrix, inclusions and other peculiarities.

INVESTIGATION DATE - 分析の日付 (Archaeometric Investigation Record Vocabulary)

16 11月 2022

INPUT - 元となるデータなど (Archaeometric Investigation Record Vocabulary)

PROCESSING / MODELING DETAILS - 分析詳細 (Archaeometric Investigation Record Vocabulary)

Regarding the surface: Presence of parallel stripes due to manufacturing only on the outside (front), clay particles sintering (partial melting, shiny aspect) on both surfaces
Relatively limited amount of inclusions, black round and spherical inclusions with a wide size distribution, white opaque and semitransparent more homogeneous in size.

Regarding the cross sections: Layering (dark grey, more compact on both surfaces and lighter grey/brownish in the middle of the section)

Regarding the inclusions: The distribution is similar in type and size with respect to the surfaces, but the inclusions are more abundant in the section than on the surfaces.



ARCHAEOMETRIC INVESTIGATION (some archaeometric data record) - 理化学的分析あり(リンクを含める)
タイトル 代替ラベル クラス
AF TBO STC 201 Archaeological finding record