AF TBO 210


タイトル (Dublin Core)

AF TBO 210

内容記述/Description (Dublin Core)

en Debris on rim of lidded dish. (Sue ware). It is difficult to define as part of the body or lid. Found outside the stone chamber (6tr).
jp ふた付き皿の縁に破片。 (須恵器)。 体や蓋の一部として定義するのは難しい。 石室(6tr)の外で発見。

AF number (Archaeological Finding Record Vocabulary)

AF TBO 210

AF BE-ARCHAEO (SU Record - Registry Section)


AF Getty-AAT (SU Record - Registry Section)

DIRECTLY RELATED OBJECT located in (Archaeological Finding Record Vocabulary)

DIRECTLY RELATED OBJECT found in (Archaeological Finding Record Vocabulary)

CHRONOLOGY (SU Record - Dating Section)

en Late Kofun Period (500 - 600 AD)
jp 古墳時代後期 (500 - 600 AD)

CHRONOLOGY MOTIVATION (Archaeological Finding Record Vocabulary)

en Pottery typochronology.
jp 陶器類型年代学。

ARCHAEOMETRIC INVESTIGATION (some archaeometric data record) - 理化学的分析あり(リンクを含める) (Archaeometric Investigation Record Vocabulary)